Managed Firewalls

N2 provides quality risk management for firewalls.

N2 delivers best-of-breed Customer Premise Equipment (if not provided by or purchased by the client).

N2 equipment provides highly scaleable, feature-rich, repeatable, and H.A. (highly available) solutions and N2 can assist in determining which product set and hardware asset would be appropriate for your particular business and continuity needs across your infrastructure.

The software framework used in the N2 equipment is designed to monitor uptime. If a firewall is detected to be down escalation begins immediately to identify the source of the problem. Strict procedures are followed and documented.

Log files are created by the firewall(s) for various reasons. They account in general for in-bound and out-bound communications that pass through the firewall. Network usage can often be determined from this. These are then archived and stored in a high-capacity disk array for easy processing.

Log reports are then created from these log reports. On a monthly basis this information I aggregated and presented to you as a monthly view of network activity and a summary of the most common events on the network.

Using your security policy, N2 managed all changes to the firewall’s configuration.

If N2 provides a firewall, after the installation the firewall properties and account information and configuration are included in the software framework used to manage the N2 SOC. A new account is created for the firewall containing necessary contact information reports and configuration filing structures.

VPN’s are supported and N2 supports both types:

· Site-to-Site VPN
· Remote Access VPN

N2 manages the following with regard to VPN:

· Client setup for key exchange
· Password preference
· Network Access Control

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