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Lowcountry Computers Remote Help System

Lowcountry Computers
Remote Assistance

Click the button below to get remote assistance from a Lowcountry Computers Technician. Once you approve the payment, you will receive simple instructions how to connect with one of our technicians and get remote assistance to your computer.

For a list of prices for common issues easily rectified by our technicians, click here.

Fast Access Internet Connected Help Price
Wireless Network Diagnostic and Repair

Having problems with your wireless network? We'll connect to your computer online or help over the phone at 1 843-376-3334.

The service includes:

  • Diagnosis to discover the cause of the problem
  • Troubleshoot and repair your network connection


ISP Troubleshooting

Are you having problems connecting with your current high-speed or dial-up service? Call 1 843-376-3334.

The service includes:

  • Diagnose what is causing the issue
  • Help you get back on-line


My Computer Isn't Working Price
Operating System Repair with Online Diagnostic

Find out what's wrong with your computer and get it fixed.

The service includes:

  • Online diagnosis to discover the cause of crashes, lockups or unusual PC slowness
  • Service to fix the issue - includes virus and spyware removal


Software Troubleshooting with Online Diagnostic

Get help with your productivity software issues online or over the phone.

The service includes:

  • Help repairing, troubleshooting, or installing one software title (Word, Excel, Quicken, Photoshop, Outlook)
  • Help properly configuring the software setting
Working high-speed internet connection required. Service excludes operating system installation. Software not included.


Prevent Computer Problems Before They Start Price
Computer Optimization

Your car, your boat and home need regular maintenance to keep them running and in good working order. A Computer Optimization service is a good thing you can do to preserve the health of your PC. A good rule of thumb is to have your system Optimized every six months.

The service includes:

  • Adjustment your computer's system settings for a faster and smoother performance
  • Update your PC with the most recent updates and patches to guard against security threats
  • Hard drive data clean up to remove unused files that can slow down system performance


Wireless Network Security

Did you know that 80% of wireless networks are not secure? How secure is your network? Call 1 843-376-3334 and Technicians can check the security of your existing Wireless Network using your high-speed internet connection.

The service includes:

  • Check if encryption is enabled
  • Check to see if your SSID is enabled
  • Examine the PC for file sharing programs
  • Check to see if the firewall is enabled
  • We'll secure it and network one PC.
Hardware not included. Working high-speed internet connection required. For existing networks only.


PC Safety Check

Online safety begins with you, know what's happening on your PC. Although the internet represents technological innovation, it can also harbor potential risks. But with careful use and awareness, every family can take advantage of the benefits of online education and entertainment, while minimizing the risks.

The service includes:

  • Check for AntiVirus and AntiSpyware software and if it is up to date and is there a firewall in use.
  • Check for the current Window Patches
  • Examine the PC for file sharing programs - Kids often use these programs to download and share free music. This can pose several problems as it violates copyright laws and could render you responsible for these actions. Also your information and data could be in a shared location, meaning others can download it through these programs.
  • View the history of visited websites - Steer clear of websites of ill repute — these are a haven for malicious and annoying intruders
  • Search of MySpace and Google for personal Info
  • Give suggestion on how to improve your safety online


I Want to Use My Computer With Other Things Price
Peripheral Setup (Printer, Digital Camera, etc.)

Need help connecting something to your computer? This service is the quick and painless way to ensure your printer, digital camera or other digital device is correctly installed.

The service includes:

  • Guiding you through the connection steps
  • Help properly configure your device settings
Working high speed internet connection required. Hardware not included.


Ala carte Price
Online Diagnostic

Technicians will diagnose the problem through a series of system checks and diagnostics.


Hourly Miscellaneous Service

  • Training on most software...
  • Theme installation and configuration
  • Child Security and Monitoring Software
  • Simple Forensics (Determine where users have visited on the Internet and uncover passwords, emails and hidden accounts)


To get connected immediately, click here and follow the instructions. Call us and request a ticket number and we will connect to help.

If, in the event that we are unable to connect to your computer and must come to your location within a 30 miles radius from our home office, we will credit you the payment amount in full towards your onsite fees (currently at $65.00 for the onsite arrival. Hourly billing starts when we arrive).

There is no gurantee your computer can be repaired remotely, but most can be. This service saves you time and money. You should, however have some simple requirements met before we connect:

  1. Your computer must be turned on.
  2. It must be directly connected to the Internet (you should be able to view this page).
  3. You should turn off any file sharing, chat, email, office or other software you may have running, unless they are the problem we are troubleshooting.
  4. Your computer should not be more than 5 years old and have the recommended amount of memory suggested by the operating system.

It's simple and easy. Hardly any interaction will be needed once you follow the 1-2-3 steps following approval.



Click to approve the $39.00 payment for 1 hr. Computer Support.


You will be redirected to connection instructions after your approval.

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