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Lowcountry Computers Clients from our past ventures.
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Glowing remarks from one of our customers.

I purchased a HP Pavilion ZV5230US, Model # PF122UA #ABA from Office Depot on 9-25-04, also purchasing a Office Depot warranty. On 10-29-04 I contacted HP Tech Support about a failure message I was receiving every morning when the system was powered up. I was able to take the system down and when it was powered up a second time it would boot ok which allowed me to use it. After multiple conversations with HP Tech Support, each making software changes which failed to correct the problem, I contacted Office Depot Tech Support. Several conversations with Office Depot personnel also failed to resolve the problem. HP advised the failure was an early indication of a disk drive failure and wanted to send me a new drive to install. I advised I was not comfortable handling such a task on an old system much less a brand new one. I contacted Office Depot about warranty coverage to have a Technician handle the drive replacement as well as the necessary reload of all software which they agreed to take care of. This would hopefully restore the system to the condition it was when I purchased it. With my plans for the holidays, scheduling shipment of the new drive and replacement was deferred till after the first of January.

On 1-5-05 the new drive was received and I called WACA dispatch for an appointment for a technician to replace the drive and reload the software. On 1-11-05 Michael Pool with Lowcountry Computers arrived with a work order to only replace the drive. Evidently the entire request to have the system restored to its original working condition was not passed down through the chain of command. Upon replacing the drive (something I found I was not equipped to handle) and powering up the system the same failure message I’d been experiencing appeared - at this point I had a totally non-working system. Michael reported the incident to the personnel who’d provided him with the work order and was given a reference number for me to give to WACA. From this response I assumed I was going to be instructed to ship this brand new computer back to HP when I called WACA. In an attempt to determine if the new drive was failing or the motherboard was bad, Michael loaded the system software. Watching him go through this process was mind boggling, as I had suspected I would have been at a loss to properly complete the task. Once he’d completed the reload, the system booted properly and I had a working computer.

My experience with Michael was very positive and his assistance in restoring the system to one I could use went a long way to help with what has been an extremely disturbing incident with a brand new computer. Any payment he is due for handling the work order should absolutely include time spent for reloading the system software. He is a very good representative for WACA/Benchmark in the Charleston, S.C. area and provides excellent customer service, something that isn’t always easy to find.



The projects below are in reference to projects done under our previous company name


Yeaman's Hall Country Club

Lowcountry Computers Plans upgrade for one of the Country's highest rated Golf & Country Clubs designs wireless network to launch this award winning country club into the information age. Lowcountry Computers's team of experts, acting on a tip from an associate on another local project, survey, design and prepare to implement a network environment utilizing wireless technology. "Wireless causes less impact on the structural and electrical systems currently in place." Says Jack Davis, Network / Logistics Specialist working on the project. "It just makes sense", he adds. "Knowing the expense and impact of a fiber optic network, it  just doesn't make sense to run wire, when you can implement wireless technology at half the cost."
Lowcountry Computers also has plans to upgrade the country club's server and software to enable users to fully utilize the JONAS software they have implemented. "JONAS is great software.", says Rick Walker, Software Application Specialist working for Lowcountry Computers. We have not only an upgrade in mind using JONAS, but possibly an interactive Web application that will allow resort customers and staff to track billing and services. "This will require some training, once we fully implement it, but we have a knack for explaining processes and software training seriously lacking in other computer consulting businesses." "JONAS Computing and Lowcountry Computers have the same ethos on product delivery - if the customer can't use the product, they have a bad experience, become frustrated and look elsewhere for a solution. It's our job to give the customer the tools they need to effectively use the technology we provide." "The possibilities are incredible today. We can launch a network in less time now and concentrate more on the customer's overall experience like enhancing interface design and more personal training." Adds Michael Pool, Web Designer and co founder of Lowcountry Computers. "Dumping technology on people doesn't immediately solve all customer's problems. Making things intuitive and easy to use, coupled with gradual training advances ensures our client's are on the "top of their game" - and that means more on the bottom line."


Lowcountry Computers members help launch largest Intranet project in history. 

Navy Marine Corps Intranet (NMCI) an initiative backed by Admiral Munz of the United States Navy in cooperation with Electronic Data Systems (EDS). This project's objectives are far reaching and provide for a complete solution to the Navy's digital information distribution & storage. This highly secure, contractor driven worldwide network, brings large and small companies together as a team, to achieve the seemingly incomprehensible goal of upgrading all of the Navy and Marine Corps computer systems to post millennium standards and provide support and upgrade options for years to come. While on this project, Lowcountry Computers was born. Taking lessons learned from the largest network rollout ever translates into a wealth of knowledge about not only what to do, but what's more, what NOT to do when planning a network systems installation and upgrade. Lowcountry Computers brings the best to the rest, at a price that makes sense, not just dollars to one of those  "hit and run" technology vendors. 

Cummins Diesel

Jack Davis of Lowcountry Computers provides Cummins Diesel with Deployment Supervision
Jack Davis, co-founder of Lowcountry Computers, provided logistics and deployment supervision for contracted technicians working on the refresh of systems at the Cummins Diesel plant in Charleston, SC. The roll out of laptops, desktops and technical workstations on a wired and wireless network was done far above the customer's expectations. Completing the job in half the estimated time, Lowcountry Computers once again takes lessons learned and adds them to our customer's bottom line where it counts. Managing sub-contractor driven initiatives can become expensive, if not managed correctly. Lowcountry Computers works hard to deliver results effectively and efficiently, challenging others to deliver the same level of service we expect. This is the ethos that made this project such a success.


Dorchester County School District

Lowcountry Computers makes it look easy.
Troubled with many disparate legacy systems, the team at Lowcountry Computers assisted the Dorchester County School District in deploying new machines to replace their very outdated legacy systems. The Lowcountry Computers team members not only supplied the much needed expertise in transferring their legacy data to their new machines, they consulted the IT staff on options for the next upgrade and configured the systems for an even easier rollout next time around. Let's face it, the school system doesn't have much money to work with, so they need to make the most out of every penny. Lowcountry Computers was there to make sure they get all they can out of their investment.

Wachovia Bank

Lowcountry Computers makes the transition a secure transaction.
When Wachovia Bank, here in the Lowcountry of South Carolina, decided it was time for an upgrade to their computer systems, Rick Walker was there to add his knowledge on the proper way to backup and restore their data. Deploying over 100 machines in this area, all while the bank was still in operation was quite a task, but Rick helped the users ease into the transition without a hitch. "The customer just wants to know that you care and that you know how valuable their digitized assets are to them", says Rick. "They are all excited about getting a new system, but they don't want it if it means having to recover all of their data they have stored over the years". Rick from Lowcountry Computers was there to ensure that didn't happen. When the project was complete, Rick won accolades from the staff at Wachovia for a job well done. 


Bank of America

Lowcountry Computers helps get you the knowledge you need.
Bank of America has quite a team of IT personnel, but when it came to distributing a training application enterprise wide and developing it in record time, they turned to Michael Pool for help. Michael assessed the process that the bank had planned on using to accomplish the task and offered another option. With Macromedia Flash, Adobe Premiere and the onsite recording studio in Bank of America's Strategic Learning System's IJL Financial office, the team was able to deliver a full Computer Based Training application like none ever seen at Bank of America. Full motion animation with narration and even an interactive demonstration version, modeled the Siebel Systems application and made it easy to distribute, and what's more, an excellent training application for the users of this enterprise wide adopted system. This all completed in a matter of weeks rather than the months it was going to take in the old process. Lowcountry Computers makes headway for you by using our heads.


CCSD (Charleston County School District)

Lowcountry Computers..... Service you can trust.
Jack Davis, Michael Pool and Marty Parker, at one time or another, have all worked on this project which is one of the Lowcountry's largest computer networks . Charleston County School District hires technicians once a year through various channels to keep up with the beginning of the school year demand it annually incurs. Currently, Marty Parker is servicing the County through a Technology Solutions Corp. contract. Charleston County's network and computer systems vary in infrastructure and equipment from very old to some of the newest in the schools that have just been constructed or remodeled. This challenging environment has proven to be an excellent place for us to show our skills and abilities. We have each been commended for our insight and winning customer service.